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2019-2020 SEASON

The 2019-20 season was the AMT program's first. Our founders Anna and Maria brought two teams to Regionals in Buffalo. There the A and B teams went 3-5 and 3-4-1 respectively. 

Our first experience with AMTA was a remarkable success given our lack of experience and the fact it was our first time learning American Law.

2020-2021 Season

The 2020-21 season was the first time the AMT team attended any Invitational tournaments. The A and B teams each attended 4 competitions this year with a final record of 15-17 and 11-21 respectively.


2020-21 also gave UofT our first award winners: Jakob Kramer (20/20 rank Best Attorney) and Michael Marmash (16/20 rank All-regional Attorney)!

Overall, the 2020-21 season showed just how much UofT had improved in one year, and begged the question of just how far we could go.

2021-2022 Season

The 2021-22 season was one of remarkable achievements and growth. The A and B teams each attended 3 competitions, with records of 14-10 and 11-13 respectively. Beyond that the A team qualified for the Opening Round Championship Series, the first International team to ever do so, where they went 4-4.


In 2021-22, UofT took home 8 awards:

  • 16/20 Best Attorney Award

  • 19/20 Best Attorney Award

  • Ella Altena - 16/20 Best Attorney Award

  • Jakob Kramer - 16/20 Best Attorney Award

  • Bahador Tayebi - 18/20 Best Witness Award

  • Sung Min - 16/20 Best Witness Award

  • Rory Banfalvi - 17/20 All-Regional Attorney Award

  • Bahador Tayebi - 16/20 All-National Witness Award


2021-22 was proof that UofT could compete with the best schools in AMTA. During this year UofT also began receiving coaching help, ensuring we will continue to improve and build on our success.

2022-2023 Season

For the 2022-23 invitationals season, the American Mock Trial Teams travelled to Rochester, NY to compete at the University of Rochester’s Yellowjacket Invitational!

Team A (1005) was represented by Jakob Kramer (Director), Michael Marmash (Captain), Rory Banfalvi (Captain), Ira Chandershekar, Carly Struthers, Jasdeep Sodhi, Arjun Arora, and Anasofia Florez. Team C (1007) was represented by Humza Khan (Director), Ella Altena (Captain), Malika Bhambra, Sara Leo, Taqwa Jasim, Mathis Cleziou, Vikram Chahal, and Afra Hameed.

UofT took home four individual awards from the Yellowjacket Invitational:

  • Ira Chandershekar - 16/20 Best Witness Award

  • Jasdeep Sodhi - 16/20 Best Witness Award

  • Ella Altena - 18/20 Best Attorney Award

  • Vikram Chahal - 18/20 Best Witness Award

As a team, Team A placed 4th overall at the Yellowjacket Invite, and Team C placed 5th overall!

Later that year, Team C attended AMTA Regionals in State College, PA from February 4-5, 2023. Although they did not advance, Co-Director Humza Khan received 19/20 ranks, being named an All-Regional Attorney!

A few weeks later, Team A attended AMTA Regionals in Buffalo, NY from February 25-26, 2023. While Toronto A did not advance to the Championship Series this year, they received an honourable mention for their performance and landed themselves on the open bid list!

This season once again reaffirmed that our program was growing and maintaining an unprecedented level of success at the University of Toronto.

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